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3 Hour Workshop For Therapists: Affairs And Other Betrayals

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To register, please print and mail the registration part below to Helene Brun.  
Or just mail your email address, license number, and your check to Helene once you determine availability in this small salon style workshop.


A workshop for therapists packed with useful information
A presenter with a sense of humor about the human condition

Whether you see couples or individuals in your practice
you have most likely had clients who came to you because of an affair. 
This heartbreaking and difficult problem is
one of the top reasons people call a therapist. 
It is also one of the top reasons therapists call a consultant. 
It can be a rewarding and meaningful experience to help clients 
calm down, understand better, and move on after an affair

The workshop will address how to effectively help “affair couples” by:

Assessing where clients are on a continuum from disappointment to disaster
Calming the initial crisis and slowing down reactivity
Educating clients about different types of affairs and likely outcomes
Creating a constructive triangle with the couple to get facts and feelings on the table
Illuminating the value of finding meaning and taking responsibility
Discussing other betrayals in relationships
Supporting clients in making decisions about how best to continue past the affair

The workshop was developed and is presented by  Helene Brun, M.S., MFT.

Helene’s qualifications as a couples consultant include:

25 years experience as a therapist working primarily with couples
Associate of the Couples Institute in Menlo Park for 14 years (1991 to 2005)
Developed Couples Seminars and Premarital Marathon Consults
Extensive experience with small groups and workshops for couples
Has had a private counseling and consulting practice since 1991
Taught graduate courses on Couples And Family Therapy 
at The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto for 9 years (2004-2012)
Developed a system to follow when working with “affair couples”
Loves working with couples and those who help them     

9:30 am to 1:00 pm Saturday July 19th, 2014  

309 Second Street No. 4, Los Altos, CA 94022

Cost:  $90
The workshop is limited to 8 participants

Call  650. 949. 2879 for availability. 

Then print and fill out form below and mail in with your check.  You will get a confirmation back via email.
Registration form for workshop:  Affairs and Other Betrayals

9:30 am to 1 pm,  July 19th, 2014.

License number________________________________________________________________   



Mail check to:  Helene Brun, 309 Second Street No. 4, Los Altos, CA 94022. 

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